Aamba Haldi on Goat’s Cheese toast.
Sour, tart amba haldi with soothing goats cheese.
4 -6people
4 -6people
amba haldi
goats cheese toast with amba haldi
other stuff
  1. Scrape the amba haldi and fresh turmeric and dip in cold water to clean remnants of peels
  2. Slice into long thin slices (juliennes)
  3. Put the juliennes and the optional green chillies, garlic, salt in the glass jar.
  4. Top with lemon juice
  5. Keep in sun for 2 days (optional). You can also just leave it outside at room tempreture
  6. Use after two days.
  7. Can be served as a pickle with meals. Referigerate.
For the goat’s cheese toast
  1. Slightly toast the baguette slices
  2. Add a good thick layer of goat’s cheese (appx 2 tbspn) and spread it.
  3. Add juliennes of amba haldi on it. Do this just before serving, as the goat’s cheese will get stained yellow. Add as many juliennes as you would like.
  4. Some people will not be able to have too many at a go, while some might like a load of it. You could leave it for your guest to add at their discretion. Though I wouldn’t do that. Forcing them to try atleast a slice, with a few pieces would be ideal.
  5. You could leave some of the amba haldi in a bowl for people to add more if they so desire.
Recipe Notes

To keep your amba haldi fresh and uncomtaminated till it’s over, always use a fresh clean and dry spoon to take it out of the jar. If you need to take out some more after the first round, use another spoon. We normally keep our spoons on the counter, where it either mixes with something else, or gets contaminated via the surrounding air and its bacteria.

Remember – each time a new spoon. And don’t leave the spoon inside the jar.

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