Sour, Tangy, Sweet and Definitely Potent. Takes a few days to make, but when its poured into a glass of ice and sipped, every second of the preparation makes it worth it.
500ml approximately
500ml approximately
For Limoncello
  • 6pieces lemonsThey can be any type. All they have to be is fragrant and juicy.
  • 750 ml1 bottle vodkaFinal usage depends on the size and batch of lemons.
  • lemon juiceSqueeze all the lemons for their jucie.
  • sugarDouble the quantity of the juice.
For the sugar syrup and lemon peels
Prepping the lemons.
  1. Wash lemons well with running water.
  2. Peel the lemons, taking care to avoid as much of the pith (inner whites) as possible.
  3. Shove all them peels into the bottle, and fill it with Vodka till all the peels are generously submerged in the vodka. Refrigerate.
  4. Turn and shake the bottle at least once a day. It needs to be referigerated for 3 to 4 days.
Sugar Syrup.
  1. Squeeze the juice of all the lemons, discarding the seeds. Pulp should be kept.
  2. Measure the juice, pulp included, and pour into the pan.
  3. Measure double the quantity of sugar, using the same cup used to measure the lemon juice. Mix into lemon juice.
  4. Give this a good stir, cover it, and set it into the sunniest part of your house/ balcony/ garden. You will have to give this a good stir every few hours on the first day. If possible try to keep shifting the vessel to sunniest part, as the shadow of the sun keeps shifting. If its not possible for you to stir the mix, throughout the first day, make it in the evening and stir it for 20 minutes or so, as soon as you make the mixture. No heat is required. The point is to dissolve as much of the sugar as possible. Set it in sun,the next morning.
  5. Keep the pan in the sunshine for 3 to 4 days. If you have bright hot sun 3 days are enough. Stir thoroughly at least once daily. I suggest that the pan be placed in a deep dish of water, to keep away from sugar thirsty ants.
  1. After the 3rd or 4th day, pour out all the vodka into another bottle. I normally, pour out the vodka into another vessel, use a tong to pull out all the peels, and pour the vodka back into it.
  2. Watch with fascination – for your vodka has turned a beautiful lively yellow!!
  3. Now give your sugar and lemon juice mixture a good stir, and add approximately 4 large spoons to the vodka mixture.
  4. Here is the best part. Cap the bottle, give it a shake and turn, pour some limoncello into a glass and taste. Too potent? Add more sugar and lemon syrup. Too sour? Add more sugar and lemon syrup. Perfect ? Then what are you waiting for? Gather your beloveds – pour the Limoncello into glasses filled with crushed ice and CHEERS!!
  5. PS :: The left over lemon and sugar syrup can be set aside in a refrigerator. Use it to make lemonade or in other cocktails. Keeps well for two months. (I’m sure it keeps longer, but I was never able to save it long enough. The intense flavour of the lemon, makes it an amazing addition to beverages.)
Recipe Notes

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